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Buy the famous Smile on a Stick® products here from the official online store. Choose from a wide variety of individual items or  pick Party Gift Packs and Photo Booth Props!


Disguise Kit


Disguise Kit

13.00 17.00

Be prepared for every occasion - Incognito and in good humor - with these handy elements of disguise. Includes 3 mustaches ('Brown 'Stache on a Stick™, 'Black 'Stache on a Stick™, and White 'Stache on a Stick™), Clown'n Around on a Stick™, Romance on a Stick™, Grump on a Stick™, and Smile on a Stick®! light skin tone. (If you'd like another skin tone, just let us know in the Notes section.)

Perfect for parties too. Or dinner with the in-laws maybe.

A $17.00 value, yours for just $13.

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