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Mood Swing on a Stick™


Mood Swing on a Stick™


Mood Swing on a Stick®

Riding the emotional rollercoaster? Let folks know where you are with Mood Swing on a Stick™!

One side is the Smile on a Stick® and when you twist it around you see the Grump on a Stick®. Two moods on one stick! What a deal!

Perfect for Good News/ Bad News situations! Plenty of people you know need this, like teenagers and your grandfather who only grunts instead of talking. 

Also makes a handy fan for Menopausal women - not that we're saying they're um, moody,  Just hot.  Then cold.  Then hot.  Then cold. Then hot.

They'll thank you for it.

Only available in Light skin tone at this time. 

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